Investments, market monitoring

Hitschfeld compiles market studies, to-do concepts and competition strategies to pave the way for corporate or political decisions.
When investment decisions are carried out, Hitschfeld supports both the internal and the external/public formulation of demands and objectives as well as the acceptance processes, and also coordinates the stakeholders. These activities are carried out in connection with privatization and remunicipalization projects as well as in the focused preparation of tenders.

Hitschfeld’s range of services in this sphere includes:

  • Market analysis prior to acquisitions and privatizations
  • Location monitoring
  • Opinion polling
  • Monitoring of the opinion and media market
  • Feedback analysis

Cooperation management

The search for suitable cooperation partners is an increasingly important part of many businesses’ and organizations’ strategic activities. Key requirements for the success of cooperation projects and their evaluation include systematically identifying and analysing possible areas of cooperation, a sound understanding of the depth of cooperation which is desirable and suitable, and a firm grasp of potential partners’ expectations and objectives.

Hitschfeld makes an important contribution to the structured execution of this complex task by using a specially developed tool known as SKM (Strategic Cooperation Management).

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Business mediation

Conflicts within and between company departments, organizations and institutions are often seen as a problem instead of a challenge. Subliminal conflicts can grow and cost time, energy and money: employees work to rule, business ties are broken, legal action ensues – and formerly close relationships may be completely ruined.

Resolving conflicts through mediation is often quicker, cheaper and more likely to bring about a lasting solution than going to court. If mediation is your best option, Hitschfeld is the experienced partner you need.

Other areas of mediation:

  • Corporate succession planning
  • Setting course in the start-up and establishment phases of a business
  • Mergers
  • Change processes


Hitschfeld coaches executives and senior management in tackling questions of strategy and communication.

Its services include:

  • Individual coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Monitoring
  • Moderation

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Society and the market are developing rapidly. Hitschfeld has invested in the development of its own research tool. Its constant deployment enables the knowledge acquired to be repeatedly refreshed, published and disseminated – and of course incorporated into strategy work for our clients.

When it comes to strategy development, Hitschfeld collaborates with well-known market and opinion research institutes in Germany on its clients’ behalf. Current polling and web monitoring are essential components of its strategy development tool known as PCE (Public Consensus Engineering) and provide a solid basis for deciding effective action.

Hitschfeld widely disseminates its findings in articles, presentations, teaching and panel discussions, and also encourages expert debate, ensuring it remains at the cutting edge of knowledge.

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