Strategic communication

The world is full of ideas and projects – but what’s the best way to organize and carry them out? Hitschfeld’s strengths include both taking an overall view of a project and considering its individual parts, and then devising effective strategies in order to achieve the goals of the client and/or communication. This tack is aided by Hitschfeld’s interdisciplinary approach to analysis, research, setting goals and drawing up action plans.
Experienced economists, engineers, communication and cultural experts, mediators, pollsters, politicians and journalists all collaborate in the Hitschfeld team. Working closely with the client, lateral thinking outside the box, and finding solutions from a blank canvas are all part and parcel of Hitschfeld’s strategy formulation and implementation.
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Project communication

Hitschfeld’s ambition begins where others often give up – in projects at the intersection of politics, business and public administration. Activities in this area are based on the Hitschfeld team’s many years’ active experience in the realms of policy-making and public administration. The implementation of project objectives in the public space is aided by a sound understanding of the target group and good outreach. Hitschfeld’s priorities in its project communication are to achieve and maintain high acceptance among relevant target groups throughout the project cycle. The team is characterized by blue sky thinking, courage to question, individuality, systems thinking and persistence. Our services also include the independent evaluation of projects.
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Crisis communication

Crisis communication is a crucial aspect of crisis management. For Hitschfeld, it starts long before a crisis becomes acute and encompasses all the PR measures required to deal with crisis situations. Public challenges to an organization’s reputation and the resulting loss of confidence need to be anticipated and countered with a suitable combination of measures.
Hitschfeld’s interdisciplinary team devises fast, powerful solutions geared to a wide range of stakeholders. More than just the strategic back office, they’re also actively involved on the ground – for instance by moderating panel discussions, deploying moderators, and organizing road shows in target areas.

  • Drawing up crisis scenarios and suitable counteraction
  • Creating communication strategies for crisis situations
  • Independent implementation of crisis communication tools
  • Individual or team coaching
  • Mediation

Relationship management

In our democracy, majorities count. In business, decisions hinge on majority needs and interests. Although communication is the way to persuade people and provide guidance, the main challenge is to find the most efficient and effective course of action. Hitschfeld has a large, constantly expanding network of ties to decision-makers from politics, business and local government in Germany. Its core approach to relationship management is based on information and dialogue.

  • Creation of project-based market, field and target group analyses
  • Project-based stakeholder relationship management


Society and the market are developing rapidly. Hitschfeld has invested in the development of its own research tool. Its constant deployment enables the knowledge acquired to be repeatedly refreshed, published and disseminated – and of course incorporated into strategy work for our clients.

When it comes to strategy development, Hitschfeld collaborates with well-known market and opinion research institutes in Germany on its clients’ behalf. Current polling and web monitoring are essential components of its strategy development tool known as PCE (Public Consensus Engineering) and provide a solid basis for deciding effective action.

Hitschfeld widely disseminates its findings in articles, presentations, teaching and panel discussions, and also encourages expert debate, ensuring it remains at the cutting edge of knowledge.

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