Public Consensus Engineering (PCE)

The successful implementation of projects with an economic, socio-political and ecological impact is becoming increasingly complex. Moreover, the importance of projects’ specifics such as their regional characteristics, history and stakeholders is growing. These factors all tie up more and more resources among those running the project, such as time, finances, manpower and management capacity. How should politicians, employers and the public sector deal with this development?
Thanks to the tool PCE (Public Consensus Engineering) developed by Hitschfeld, these complex factors can be analysed at any stage of the project cycle. Based on the findings, communication activities can then be strategically planned and practically implemented. In addition, acceptance-critical projects can be compared. In a nutshell, PCE enables holistic acceptance management.

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Participation strategies

Integrated participation

The planning and implementation tool developed by Hitschfeld known as ‘InPart’ (Integrated Participation) is used to combine public participation, analysis and project communication in the best way possible for the project at hand. It is a key factor in saving resources and is an important requirement for successful acceptance management and the project’s overall success.

A suite of independent yet interconnected tools chosen depending on the specific project are used to solve individual subtasks. In addition, an information management strategy is drawn up to support the project.

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Society and the market are developing rapidly. Hitschfeld has invested in the development of its own research tool. Its constant deployment enables the knowledge acquired to be repeatedly refreshed, published and disseminated – and of course incorporated into strategy work for our clients.

When it comes to strategy development, Hitschfeld collaborates with well-known market and opinion research institutes in Germany on its clients’ behalf. Current polling and web monitoring are essential components of its strategy development tool known as PCE (Public Consensus Engineering) and provide a solid basis for deciding effective action.

Hitschfeld widely disseminates its findings in articles, presentations, teaching and panel discussions, and also encourages expert debate, ensuring it remains at the cutting edge of knowledge.

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